Decision Support for Water, Energy, and Agriculture

At Hydra Consulting Services, we use a standardized knowledge management framework to capture, store, process, and disseminate information and knowledge of water, energy, food, and economic systems for improved decision making. Our professionals are trained in technical and analytical approaches to environmental problems.

Systems planning, modeling, and optimization
Integrated Water Resource Management
Flow and Quality Measurement and Monitoring
Engineering and Economic Feasibility Studies
Geographical Information Systems/Remote Sensing

– Land Use and Crop Surveys with Drones
– Digitization

Management Information Systems (MIS)

– Acquisition
– Storage
– Dissemination

Time spent by HCS in 2015

  • Operations Research 80%
  • Water Resources Planning 75%
  • Watershed/Flood management 69%

Average Project Involvement

  • Water, Energy, & Agriculture Systems Modeling 45%
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) 26%
  • Remote Sensing (RS) 31%

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