HAKRA - Proof of Concept

The Challenge

The International Institute for Water Management (IWMI)  through its project “Enhancing Ecosystems Services through Farmer Institutions” aims to develop the capacity of Farmer Institutions. As part of this endeavor IWMI has provided the Farmer Organizations with the capacity (hardware/training) to collect data that can be used to equitably distribute water amongst the 26 outlets.

The Solution

HCS developed an Information platform based on a client-server architecture. The primary purpose of this software is to allow data entry of the gauge data and the outlet flow condition. In addition, this platform maintains historical records of the canal and hydraulic parameters of its 26 outlets. This information is then used to estimate daily discharge, weekly and seasonal equities for the outlets among a variety of other reports.

Real Time Flow Monitoring System

Ground Water Monitoring


Measurement Units

Weather Stations

Amazing Result

“The system and the reports it generates has eliminated water theft because now everyone knows how much water their neighbor is receiving.”

Bhagsen Water Association

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