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The Power of Information

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Democratizing the DATUM

Discovery, Access, Transport, Understanding & Manipulation

The Hydra Knowledge Platform™, a digital platform for the Water-Food-Energy Nexus. Combining informatics and systems analysis, we offer intelligent, simple, and sustainable solutions to your engineering, planning, and development needs.

Hydra Consulting Services (HCS) is a boutique consulting firm providing traditional engineering consulting through an innovative platform as a service (PaaS) approach. Our team of domain experts, computer scientists and analysts works together with you to build decision support systems backed by robust data.

Core Services

Research & Consulting

Our systems approach to problem solving ensures we account for trade-offs and synergies between hydrologic, agriculture, energy and economic demands, resulting in comprehensive modelling and analysis thereby providing robust and defensible solutions for our clients.

Technology Integration

Our professionals use their expertise of living systems and modern technology to integrate traditional science and engineering with modern sensing and communication technologies to discover, acquire, transport, understand, and manage the information required for analysis and planning.


Environmental Informatics

What if you had the data to make better-informed decisions? From weather, water and crop analysis to energy use and waste generation, our environmental informatics services span the continuum of data acquisition from sensors and drones to dissemination through customized reports and geographic information systems (GIS).

The Hydra-K Platform


Technology Platform for discovering, acquiring and transporting data.

Data Reservoir

Data Repository for storing and managing your data (structured and unstructured) that is scalable, schema-less, and secure

Models / Tools / Analysis

Services & Tools for understanding your data through modeling, analysis, testing & simulation.

Human Intelligence

Insights, Knowledge, Wisdom



A weather and agronomic data provider service at its core, aWhere gathers information from about a billion points across the world and helps farmers and associated communities arrive at precise agricultural decisions to increase their profits. aWhere is known worldwide to provide agricultural intelligence to a diverse clientele; from farmers and commercial growers looking to enhance their yield or national policy makers trying to figure out a direction for focusing their relief efforts on, aWhere provides clear and insightful solutions for all.


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Aquatic Informatics

Aquatic Informatics

Aquatic Informatics provides leading software solutions that address critical water data management and analysis challenges for the rapidly growing environmental monitoring industry. AQUARIUS is the leading software suite to acquire, process, model, and publish water data. Environmental monitoring agencies worldwide trust AQUARIUS to produce accurate water information in real-time. A modern design delivers the latest water science in an intuitive experience. Simplified data management, analysis, and information sharing enable better decisions for the sustainable management of water resources.


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